Disadvantages of mobile phones essay in English

Disadvantages of mobile phones essay in English

Disadvantages of mobile essay

Whether it is the street or the classroom or the workplace, mobile phones are omnipresent and people can be found scrolling, searching or simply using them at all times. Mobile phones have become such a huge part of our everyday life that it is hard to imagine our existence without them. As is the case with technology, despite the numerous advantages and convenience offered by mobile phones to people, there are indeed, a growing number of disadvantages to their credit which are now increasingly causing problems in our day-to-day life. While cell phones allow us to stay connected and get access to information whenever or wherever we want to, there are downsides to this convenience and we will talk in detail about what makes cell phones a not-so-perfect piece of technology after all and the disadvantages of the mobile phones essay in English below –


1. Addiction – A rather sensible and serious point of all the cons of mobile phones in today’s times, their addiction can be overwhelming for people who cannot imagine their life without their cell phones. People have become so much dependent on mobile technology in their daily lives that their brain development has changed and their psychological, social and physical aspects have also been impaired in some way or the other, even if they are never able to get over their dangerous addiction with mobile phones.
2. Distraction – Reminders, Notifications, Phone calls, email notifications, text messages and so on, cell phones have proved themselves to be the biggest source of the distraction of all time. With people constantly hooked on to the screens of cell phones, it is a worrisome sight to see how easily people can get distracted and deviated in a world of their own with mobile phones in their hands.
3. Health – Numerous studies and research have proven that mobile phones have been linked to numerous studies which have proved the harmful radio waves inside cell phones and their transmission towers to cause cancer. With thousands of different components including metals and chemicals used in the manufacturing of a mobile phone, it is a possibility that many of these materials might interfere with our health and bodily functions with constant exposure for prolonged periods.
4. Environment – Apart from exposing humans to potential damage and diseases, one of the critical disadvantages of mobile phones essay in English is the fact that they are causing irreversible damage to our environment and wreaking havoc with our natural resources. The transmission waves released from cellular towers have been proven to reduce the fertility of soil, deprive plants of nutrition and make the air around us more prone to infections. Moreover, the improper damage and disposal of cell phones and their parts are helping the cause of deterioration of natural resources and polluting the environment.
5. Privacy – With our increased dependence on mobile phones for almost all our daily activities, we have put our private and confidential information, records and data is always at a risk of a cyber threat, online phishing, and frauds. If a cell phone is stolen, there isn’t any way to recover or protect your data from the feisty eyes of a burglar or cyber hacker. Yes, you can report the incident to our cellular provider but by then you could also risk losing your money or information to the vicious motives of information thieves.
6. Crime – The dark side of technology has degraded the lives of countless of people around the world and made them encroached to illicit activities such as pornography, child trafficking, social media shaming, use of psychoactive substances and drug trade. This is one of the most critical yet overlooked disadvantages of the mobile phones essay in English which everyone must know.
7. Safety – We rely on cell phones to navigate us to a destination, be it work or home. Thus, we are constantly relying on technology to distract us and make us more exposed to road accidents and mishaps. It is well advocated that the use of cell phones while driving is not only risky business for your own self but for others around you as well. Thus, the lack of safety while driving is another disadvantage of mobile phones.

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